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Developing Lasting Client Relationships.

Business to Business Marketing has changed a great deal over the last decade, but ultimately people still buy from people. Understanding the complex and unique engagement process for B2B technology businesses in developing a long term relationship with their customers, and then crafting a unique strategy that use the latest tools and techniques is at the heart of what we do.

B2B Marketing

The More things Change the More they Stay the Same.

Just because the communications mechanisms have, and continue to, change the fundamentals of developing and delivering targeted content and messages that drive straight to the heart of a customer’s challenge remain the same. We understand that what works in consumer marketing does not necessarily translate into the B2B world. And within B2B, there are few more fast evolving sectors than tech. Our sole focus has, and will always be, delivering great solutions for business to business (B2B) technology clients.


We can help you research and develop the right integrated go to market approach for your sales and marketing teams, whether direct or through a channel, to deliver the results you need.


Technology buying cycles can be long and complex. We develop and deliver compelling content that keeps prospects, influencers and clients informed, engaged and eager to know more about you and your business. We optimise the SEO of your online content to help you be found by your audience.


We can help you punch above your weight with relationships and coverage in the media that advance your strategic goals. In the technology sector the right relationships with a relatively small number of highly knowledgeable journalists and analysts is critical. Knowing how to craft the right message, targeting only the right ones and at the right time is critical in building lasting relationships with them.


Outsourcing of social media content creation and management is tricky without specialist market knowledge. With years of experience in a broad cross section of technology sectors, we help you speak, listen and engage across the platforms that matter to you most as a B2B technology business. We can also help you build and run a programme to turn your employees, customers and channel into advocates for your business on social.


We can develop and deliver social media and Adword campaigns that drive the results you expect. More than just advertising , we have experience in developing programmes that will really help you engage with your audience.


When it’s time to meet face to face, we can help plan, manage and execute your bespoke event or attendance at a conference or exhibition, as well as the campaign which ensures that you maximise the value you derive from it.


Our Team.

Andrew Moloney

Managing Director


Liz Kelly

Marketing Associate


Sian Aherne

PR Associate


Jacqueline Breslin



What Our Clients Say.

“Andrew has helped us understand and redefine our position in the marketplace and in doing so has crystallised for us our future business and product strategy. He asks the right questions, and has brought clarity to our plans for the next phase of our business’ growth”.

Rob Pickering


“Working with Artisan Southwest we generated nearly 2.7M impressions over our social media channels in 2015, as well as double digit and sometimes triple digit growth in both the visibility and engagement metrics. Andrew’s strategic advice and tactical execution support were key elements in our success, and we look forward to continuing our relationship”.

Chad Couser


“We got involved with the team at Artisan Southwest to build and manage our social media presence. We experienced fantastic results, including going from no followers in twitter to several hundred in just a few weeks. They also advised us on our launch webcast, which meant we actually had an audience of just over 400 attendees over two events. Andrew and the team have a huge depth and breadth of experience which is reassuring to be able to draw on, as and when needed.

Jim Craig

Oasis HUB

“I’ve worked with Andrew on many different projects over the years, but right now he is helping me shape and accelerate the social media strategy at NewVoiceMedia. His broad industry knowledge means that he is able to add much more value than simply adding followers on twitter. He is really helping us listen, understand and engage in social media as a business”

Tim Pickard


“It’s been a real pleasure to call upon Andrew’s broad industry experience and security expertise. His input on the webcasts and whitepapers he has contributed to has really helped to add a valuable dimension to them, and I look forward to working with him again on future projects”.

Nicki Wallace

SafeNet Inc.

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