Month: September 2012

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Andrew Joins the Blogging Team for Knowledge Peers 2012

Earlier this year Andrew was invited to join the blogging team for the Knowledge Peers Website, in the run-up to their Exchange  2012 event. Knowledge Peers is an on, and off-line service for forward thinking leaders to explore emerging ideas and challenges. They facilitate peer to peer learning between directors of businesses and charities via video-based…
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Andrew Moloney Joins Microsoft Small Business Consulting Panel

Andrew Moloney has joined a select number of Industry Analysts and commentators to provide input for Microsoft’s newly relaunched Small Business Blog. Each month the blog will explore topics of particular interest to small businesses and seek the opinions and advice of members of the contributing panel.  The first of these blog posts, published Friday September 21st, asks the…
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Andrew to Join the Debate at Mobile Enterprise Security 2012

Andrew Moloney has been asked to participate in the upcoming Mobile Enterprise Security Conference in London on October 16th, 2012. He will be participating in a panel session focussing on the development of internal policies for mobility strategy,  providing perspectives gained from the analysis he conducted earlier in the year on behalf of Industry forum, the Enterprise…
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