Artisan Southwest Becomes NetLine B2B Content Syndication Agency Partner

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Artisan Southwest Becomes NetLine B2B Content Syndication Agency Partner

B2B Content Syndication

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the NetLine family, becoming an agency partner for their B2B content syndication and lead generation service.

While there are various free ways to syndicate content – RSS perhaps being the best known, where better, more targeted, reach and metrics are required, a network such as the one provided by NetLine can become a useful element in a B2B Marketing Strategy.

Founded in 1994, NetLine manages the world’s biggest B2B content syndication service. With a network of over 15,000 websites utilising content provided by them, the platform processes over 700,000 leads per month.

Learn more about NetLine by watching this short introduction video:

Why is B2B Content Syndication useful as part of the Marketing Mix?

The B2B sales process, especially in the technology sector, can be long and complex, with many different influencers and decision makers along the way. To assist in the sales process marketers are constantly developing and publishing quality content – addressing and dealing with objections, furthering the understanding of the product, service or market, or sharing other insights that will assist their prospects and customers to be more successful in their jobs.

The challenge, however, is that often times this content will be used for a specific campaign but then may quickly get “lost” as new campaigns become the priority of marketing budgets. That doesn’t mean however that the asset immediately loses its value.

By placing the asset into a B2B syndication network we can continue to derive value (and leads) from it for many months (maybe even years) to come, maximising it’s return on investment. Using NetLine it’s possible for us to target the types of leads we want to generate – filtering by geography, industry, job type and seniority. While not stopping others from downloading the content we (or our clients) only pay for leads that match our criteria.

It’s a win-win and enables us to continue to let that asset run for as long as it might be relevant – making it available for prospects as and when they are in the right place and time to consume it. The flexibility of the platform also allows us to add more content over the length of the campaign and/or change and fine tune the targeting. For particularly hard to reach audiences we also have capability to pay a premium for each lead generated, elevating the position of the content on key platforms to improve performance and accelerate return.

We’re excited about the opportunities that the NetLine service offers our clients and are already live running initial campaigns using the service.

If you’d like to talk about how B2B content syndication could be beneficial in your B2B marketing campaigns why not get in touch.



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