Four Things that Make a Great B2B Content Marketing Writer

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Four Things that Make a Great B2B Content Marketing Writer

B2B Content Marketing writer

Recently Social Media Today pulled together some interesting stats into an infographic on the state of play in B2B content marketing. We often talk about the sophisticated sales cycles which B2B businesses in the technology world contend with. As a B2B content marketing writer myself, it’s great to see these stats show that using a content led approach to educate and inform prospective buyers and influencers is increasingly highly regarded.

So, what makes a Great B2B content marketing writer?

So if content is indeed king in B2B tech, then I wonder if we can define what makes a great B2B content marketing writer for technology businesses? Having given it some thought, and based on my own experience, here is my four point checklist:

1. Domain expertise

I personally don’t think it’s possible to write credible content for a technology lead business, perhaps any B2B business, unless you have a good understanding of the market and industry to which your content pertains. That said, deep technical expertise is not always an advantage. Sure, there are times when the content you are delivering does require you to get into the bits and bytes. More often than not though, the kind of content delivered as part of a marketing led programme requires you to take a broader, more accessible view than most engineers – used to dealing with high levels of detail, will be able to comfortably write.

A good B2B content marketing writer then must be a quick study – able to understand their client’s business quickly.

2. Broad industry experience

While being a quick study is important, what supports that ability is a broad set of knowledge and experience upon which to draw. For me, I started my career in the exploding networking hardware industry of the 1990’s, worked in mobile software technologies and software defined radio before spending a good deal of time in the Information Security industry. During that time it, along with almost every other tech. sector, was moving through the transition to virtualisation, private, hybrid and then public cloud.

Since starting Artisan Southwest the expansion in our client base has lead to further industry exposure. For example. we have worked in large scale, Agile and DevOps lead consulting and automation projects, in the greentech. sector with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tools and technology, as well in unified and contextual communications sector. And all of these these delivered often by a mix of commercial and open source platforms.

Be it now hardware, software, tools or services, it’s amazing how experience in one technology sector can inform another – and that, I believe, makes for a great B2B content marketing writer.

3. Making the technical accessible

I’ve often talked about the role of a product manager as being able to translate the various, sometimes conflicting, needs of the “market” into a precise definition against which an engineer can build the best fitting product set. In the same way a good B2B content marketing writer must, first and foremost, be a good communicator and translator of ideas. We only have a limited time in which to communicate our message and we must ensure that our intended message is as clear as is possible. We also must be mindful of the the intended audience that we are writing for, delivering the best content based on their expected skills, knowledge and experience.

4. Write to the brief

Good content marketing is written with an objective in mind. What do we want readers to think or do next after reading this piece? In this post, for example, my objective is to explain to you why  selecting a good B2B content writer is important and the kind of criteria I’d recommend you use. Of course, at the same time, I hope to educate you about Artisan Southwest and our ability to  deliver excellent content for technology businesses.

Who knows – maybe you’ll even contact us to talk when the need arises?


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