Making the Case for Outsourced Marketing

Handcrafted Marketing for B2B Technology Businesses

Making the Case for Outsourced Marketing

outsourced marketing

Could Outsourced Marketing be Right for You?

To outsource or not to outsource? It’s a question faced by many different organisations when it comes to looking at their B2B marketing strategy and as an agency, it’s one of the ways we often work with clients. In some instances, we’ll be brought in to add a specific skill set to a larger marketing team, but in other cases, often with early stage businesses, we’ll be retained as a fully outsourced marketing department, tasked to define and drive the implementation of an organisation’s marketing plan. 


Why Outsource?

Here at Artisan Southwest, we have worked with B2B technology businesses of all types and sizes. Many of these, especially smaller and/or early stage companies simply don’t have the breadth or marketing knowledge within their organisation that they need. These days, it’s simply not realistic for one person to be fully competent in the full range of marketing skills – instead, it’s better to be able to call upon a variety of skill sets and experience as and when they are needed.  At the same time, an outsourced marketing function may free up headcount for permanent hires you may wish to make, maybe to grow sales and business operations more quickly – taking full advantage of the pipeline of leads generated.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to what works best for your business – but with the decision to outsource comes many other benefits:



  • Range Of Specialist Skills. Here at Artisan Southwest, we have many skills in our arsenal – marketing strategy, social media, copywriting, PR, PPC advertising, podcasting, web design and much more!  Our work with a variety of clients means we are constantly challenged and learning, able to bring that back to the rest of our clients. We have a vastly experienced team of experts with skills across the marketing mix and varied technology industry experience to bring to bear on your marketing campaign. 



  • Cost-Effectiveness. Being able to call up on specialist skills, but only as required, is not only cost efficient but also delivers a more effective strategy and plan. In addition, we always have a team member ready to take over, so no downtime in holiday periods either!



  • Flexibility. Working with an agency like us to provide outsourced marketing gives you flexibility. We can fulfil your marketing goals, with a set of services that can be scaled up or scaled down depending on your requirements. As your needs change, so can the way we approach your strategy. Working with Artisan Southwest gives you access to the right tools to address your specific requirements, at the time you need them, whilst all the time delivering metrics that allow you to optimise your strategy and drive results.


Want to find out more about how we can help your business? 

If you think a partial or fully outsourced marketing model might serve your business well, why not get in touch for a chat!


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