New Information Security Newsletter to be Launched

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New Information Security Newsletter to be Launched

Andrew Moloney has been commissioned by McDonald Butler to edit a new monthly Information Security Newsletter. Called “Intelligentsia” and sponsored by HP’s Enterprise Security Products Division, it brings a round-up of  key information, news and analysis to consultants working with HP’s products in their network of System Integrators and large consulting firms.

“I’m very pleased to have been selected to run this newsletter for such a prodigious client as Hewlett Packard” comments Andrew. “The Information Security space continues to evolve at a rapid pace with new vectors of threat and new classes of technology and techniques  continually emerging to combat these. Helping to sift through each month’s news, reports and analysis, highlighting those which I believe will be of most use to the consultants , will be tough, but one which I relish!”

The monthly newsletter is distributed each month by email. If you do not receive it and wish to do  so please contact us and we will refer  you to the HP team, or contact your HP representative directly.

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