NEWS: Liz Kelly Joins the Artisan Southwest team.

Handcrafted Marketing for B2B Technology Businesses

NEWS: Liz Kelly Joins the Artisan Southwest team.

We are pleased to announce that Liz Kelly has joined the Artisan Southwest consulting team as an Associate. A marketing expert and former colleague of Andrew, Liz joins the team after a period away from work to raise her three children. Now all safely in school, we’re excited to welcome her back to the “world of work” to embark on a number of exciting marketing projects with Artisan Southwest clients.

Liz’s last corporate role was as UK Marketing Manager at EMC Corporation, where she led marketing programmes across a number of campaigns and business areas. Prior to that she lead UK marketing at RSA Security as part of Andrew’s EMEA Marketing organisation. Apart from extensive marketing experience in the technology sector, Liz also spent a number of years in the event management and exhibitions market sector.

Though a west country native, Liz now lives in Weybridge, Surrey, where she will continue to be based.

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