NEWS: Sian Aherne Joins the Artisan Southwest team

Handcrafted Marketing for B2B Technology Businesses

NEWS: Sian Aherne Joins the Artisan Southwest team

aherne-sian-8190Artisan Southwest is pleased to announce Sian Aherne as a new member to its consulting team. Sian is a PR expert with 14 years of experience in the technology sector working in-house, agency and freelance for a range of B2B and B2C organisations.

During her career, she has delivered successful, award-winning, high impact PR campaigns for startups and established brands.

“There is a growing trend toward virtual agencies as organisations benefit from experienced people who act as part of their team as needed. I’m excited to be part of the Artisan Southwest “virtual agency” approach and am already engaged on some interesting projects for Artisan Southwest clients.”

One of Sian’s previous roles was leading global PR for Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, where she worked with an old colleague of Andrew’s, who later introduced them.

Based in London, she will now provide PR support for Artisan Southwest’s growing client base.

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