“Secure Business” Report to be published in The Times

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“Secure Business” Report to be published in The Times

Andrew has been engaged as a Publishing Consultant to oversee the content development for a special report to be published in the UK print edition of “the Times” newspaper on December 8th 2011.

” The team at Raconteur do an excellent job with these reports” comments Andrew, “and having worked with them several times in the past as a client and been very pleased with the results, it’s exciting to put the shoe on the other foot this time!”

Each Raconteur report gives a comprehensive, informative and entertaining insight into a specific area, business, country or industry. All Raconteur reports feature the highest levels of research and journalism, design, hard-to-get interviews and case studies, driving reader interest and the likelihood of follow-up action.

For more information about how to participate in the upcoming “Secure Business” report please contact us,  or the folks at Raconteur Media.


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