Working Life in a “Virtual Agency”.

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Working Life in a “Virtual Agency”.


Co-worker, Bob the Hamster

This November sees the one-year anniversary of my return to work after almost 5 years off raising my three boys. And boy, does time fly when you are having fun! What started as a few hours per week has become almost full-time, working across several different clients from various parts of the technology sector.

I’ve really enjoyed the last year. When I first got the call from Andrew at Artisan Southwest about the possibility of joining his “virtual agency” team, I’ll admit to being slightly nervous. After 5 years of only having to focus on CBeebies and endless hours in softplay, the thought of returning to the corporate world was quite overwhelming. But the confidence gradually returned, and I now feel totally at home in my new world, and can’t imagine what on earth I would do with my time if I wasn’t working.

For sure, there have been a few sacrifices. My once gleaming home now has dustier skirting boards, my military-style playroom toy filing system has been compromised and the timetable of weekday meals made from scratch has gone up in smoke. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I realise I’ve been lucky. Many working Mums don’t have the type of job that enables the flexibility I now have. But marketing is a career that does lend itself to flexibility. I’m now part of a growing team of freelancers that make up the Artisan Southwest “virtual” agency – enabling Andrew to bring in the right mix of skills on a per client, per project basis. A win-win for everyone.

It’s a model I think we will see more and more of for several reasons:

  1. Flexibility – Working remotely offers a lot of flexibility, but also allows you to work wherever and whenever works best for you, thus increasing both the quality and quantity of your output. And equally, you can be more reactive to any urgent projects.
  2. Broadening scope – Operating virtually means your talent pool becomes much greater, as you are able to consider employing people from all geographies and time zones, from a varying range of personal circumstances and on a part-time and full-time basis.
  3. Productivity – Working on more of a project basis means allows you to generally be more productive as you are not sidetracked by external forces, commuting time etc.

The quality of our work output is critical to maintaining our client relationships and job security so we strive to do every project to the best of our ability. In the year I’ve been part of the Artisan Southwest virtual team, we’ve expanded in terms of our clients and projects, and I feel excited about what the next year holds for us and am relishing the challenges that creates.

So as I sit here in my home office, with just my hamster Bob for company, I look back on the last year with pride. And then panic about what’s for dinner…….


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